Asia Studios

Asia Studios, provides quality technical massage mixing Shiatsu, Swedish massage,  Energy Qi Flow massage. Knowledgeable hands which read and know what is the best customized massage for you! Stress? Tired? Stiff muscle? Sore shoulder and back? Come! Tel:(416)495-0592

Asia Studios, technical massage with hands of energy consisting of finger and palm pressure massage on your body energy zones. This leads to increased blood flow and a high percentage oxygen flow through entire body which react along the nervous system to disrupt your energy system, relieving the blockage of energy flow. These blockages often causes sore muscle, tiredness, and stress. High technique massage will massage away the invisible waste product out of your body system.

Best Asian Massage Toronto, Deep relaxation energy massage including breathing exercise, gentle soft massage movements that are coordinated with breathing to release stress. High quality Shiatsu massage with energy strong hands relax stiff muscle, sore back, and shoulder muscle. Remove tiredness/stress; restore (+) Energy.

Asia Studios

Tel: (416)495-0592


2190 Warden Ave. Unit #210, Toronto, ON M1T 1V6

2nd Floor, Unit #210 / Asia Studios

Have a wonderful massage experience at Asia Studios. Organic relaxation! Shower facilities, unscented baby oil, fresh towel, Customized hard & soft massage, A warm clean massage oasis for your relaxation and pleasure.